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August 26, 2006


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» VCs Are Marketing Geniuses from VentureBlog
VCs like to think that they are marketing geniuses. We really do. We meddle more in the marketing of our portfolio companies than any other area. If you have a chance to sit in on a startup board meeting, you... [Read More]

» Viral Marketing and Syphilis from SortiPreneur
Christine Herron has an amusing and thoughtful post on David Hornik's opinions on viral marketing. In many cases, metaphors work in only a few points, but we grant license for their use liberally. In Hornik's case, the list is nice [Read More]

» Marketing is like sex from Deborah Schultz
Everybody thinks they are good at it and wants to do it No kidding. And now that I have your attention, credit for the succinct headline grabbing line goes to Lance Weatherby (Enfuse Group) from his comment on David Hornik's [Read More]

» Virus in a PetriDish from The Walrus and the Carpenter
What blocks a potentially viral product from actually achieving critical mass. I havent seen much discussion of that. Virus in a Petri Dish. ... [Read More]


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