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August 26, 2006


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» Announcing the Birth of Chumby from one flew east, one flew west
Favorite hardware hacker Bunnie Huang gave this years FOO Campers a sneak peek of the latest in cool gadgets: the chumby. The chumby is a low-cost, wifi-enabled information delivery device thats so appealing youll want to keep one... [Read More]

» Fun at FOO from Ypulse
The last time I camped on a lawn was when I was 9. My best friend and I slept in a tent in our back yard and my mom even hooked us up with an extension cord, popcorn and a... [Read More]

» Chumby from Delicate Genius Blog
Chumby has me excited. Its a totally programmable and hackable device which is due out next year. Looks like theyll be going for about US$150. Why is this cool? Well . . . Its got a touch screen Its totally hackable t... [Read More]

» Get your Chumby while its hot! from Design Sojourn
Check out this great little product! In the same tradition of my product development ideas for Mini-Entreprenaurship the Chumby is what i would consider a great post-pc era product that leverages on customer designed a... [Read More]

» Sirius Stiletto 100 Leads Consumer Device Launches at DEMOfall from Christine.net
A number of new consumer devices launched at this year's DEMOfall. The hands-down stunner of the bunch was the Sirius Stiletto 100, a potentially viable competitor to the iPod. ZING partnered with Sirius Satellite Radio to develop the Stiletto 100, [Read More]


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