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July 13, 2006


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» Mashup Camp report, part 1 from EVDB Labs
(Oh no, this means I've sunk to writing multi-part posts. Anything to get this out the door...) Suffice it to say, Mashup Camp was most excellent. Bryan and I met some seriously impressive people there, the true leaders in the... [Read More]

» Top 5 Best Practices for Disaster Relief from Christine.net
Hurricane Katrina relief veterans Grace Davis and Sara Ford were joined by tsunami aid activist Dina Mehta in discussing best practices for bloggers delivering tangible aid to communities in need. each of these speakers brought a different perspective:... [Read More]

» New Technologies Driving Mobile Media Services from Christine.net
Many PC users take it for granted that their desktop will give them the ability to create, communicate, and discover information without regard for interoperability. On the mobile platform, however, many of these capabilities are either nascent or none... [Read More]


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